Chapter 3: Socialization


The old man was horrified when he found out. Life never had been good since his daughter lost her hearing when she was just two years old. She couldn't even talk--just fluttered her hands around trying to tell him things. Over the years, he had gotten used to that. But now.....he shuddered at the thought of her being pregnant. No one would be willing to marry her; he knew that. And the neighbors, their tongues would never stop wagging. Everywhere he went, he could hear people talking behind his back.

If only his wife was still alive, maybe she could come up with something. What should he do? He couldn't just kick his daughter out into the street.

After the baby was born, the old man tried to shake his feelings, but they wouldn't let loose. Isabelle was a pretty name, but every time he looked at the baby he felt sick to his stomach. He hated doing it, but there was no way out. His daughter and her baby would have to live in the attic.


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