Dr. Alfred Stovall

Reserve List

Black Panther Party (excerpt from Black Activism-Chapter 9)

15 photocopied pages

Dude. Where's My Country (excerpt from book by Micheal C. Moore)

25 photocopied pages

The New American Apartheid-Part 2 of 4 (excerpt from article at www.blackcommentator.com)

7 printed pages

Letter from Birmingham Jail (excerpt from Social Institutions:Their Nature and Change)

7 photocopied pages

Father of Us All? (excerpt from Time Magazine article)

7 photocopied pages

Two-Cradle Theory (excerpt from article by Vulindleda Wobogo)

9 photocopied pages

I Have A Dream (speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

4 photocopied pages

Social Science Seminar
20 pages-134 questions
16 pages-125 questions
7 pages- Essay questions
4 pages-16 questions
3 pages- 4 questions, w/ bonus and essays
3 pages- 4 questions w/ bonus and essays

3 pages- 15 questions w/ bonus and essays


Also on reserve for Dr. Stovall:


How To Do Research in The Library

Using the Internet for Research

How To Write an Essay

The Sociological Imagination: Race and Ethnicity

The Sociological Imagination: Social Class

The Sociological Imagination: Social Stratification


Mis-Education of the Negro

Student Support Services:

Empowering Minds: A Guide for the First Year Experience



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