The First Year Experience

All first year students enter Rust College through the First Year Experience (FYE) program.  The purpose of FYE is to further the goals of Rust College by providing a quality program of general education which meets the needs of students at different levels of ability and academic preparation.

FYE is committed to offering students’ academic learning experiences that will prepare them for successful undergraduate academic careers culminating in a baccalaureate degree from Rust College.  The primary aim of FYE is to assists students in making the transition to college and connecting them with academic and non-academic resources necessary for retention, graduation, and career placements.  This is accomplished through first year experiences inclusive of student support services, career awareness, financial literacy, and retention efforts.

Thus, FYE provides academic support and instructional services to include counseling, tutoring and advisement that will maximize retention and promote successful achievement in college.  All first year students must complete a general education program consisting of 55 hours of requirements in the humanities, science and math, and social science divisions.

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Academic Skills Program

The Academic Skills Program (ASP) helps students who have been admitted to Rust College but need more college readiness preparation.  This program is designed to prepare students in the areas of basic mathematics, writing, and reading. The courses are sequenced to equip students with the appropriate learning skills to enter the general education college level program.  A student must demonstrate mastery in these courses with a passing grade of C or better.   ASP courses do not count toward any degree or graduation, and are not transferrable.

Academic Skills Courses

ENG 121 - Basic Writing
REA 121 – Foundations of College Reading
MAT 121 - Basic Math


Students are required to attend all classes, labs and tutorial sessions. Only official institutional excuses or doctors' letters will serve as excused absences. Any student missing more than 10% of class meetings, including lab sessions, will not be eligible to receive grades of A, B or C. This also applies to students who do not make up missed tutorial sessions and assignments.

Students are required to make up all work missed due to an excused absence.

GradesFirst System

The GradesFirst program is designed to monitor student absences in freshmen classes on a daily basis.  Students who miss a class are contacted immediately by text message and/or email., must report to their advisor.  Students who are continually absent or do not respond to outreach are contacted at home by postcard and an appointment is scheduled to see their FYE advisor immediately to address the problem.

 Academic Advisement

In collaboration with the various academic departments, the area of Academic Affairs offers a program of academic advisement.  The objectives of the academic advisement program are to help students in planning their academic program based upon their needs and interest and to guide them in fulfilling all requirements for graduation.  All first year students are assigned a counselor/advisor who also serves as your Orientation Instructor. After the first year, students are assigned faculty advisor from their major divisions.

General Education Requirements (Print pdf)