Division of Business - Faculty & Staff                                             
Mr. Richard Frederick
Chair, Division of Business
A.B.A., University of Kentucky; B.B.A., Austin Peay State University; M.B.A. University of Memphis.
Ext. 4356


Dr. James Bell
Professor of Economics, H.F. McCarty Family Endowed Chair in Business and
Special Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs
B.A. Rust College; M.A., Atlanta University; Ph.D., Michigan State University

Ext. 4355

Dr. Sujata Sinha
Assistant Professor, Economics
B. Commerce and M. Commerce, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; Ph.D., University of Miami
Ext. 4301


Dr. Nellie J. Smith
Professor, Business/Education
B.S., Rust College; M.S., Kansas State Teachers' College; Ph.D., University of North Dakota;
Further studies: Utah State University
, Ethnic Heritage Seminar in West Africa, San Francisco State University, Birmingham Board of Education and IBM, Memphis State University, University of Georgia and Association of Independent Colleges and Schools.
Email: nsmith@rustcollege.edu
Ext. 4353

Mr. Alfred Worthy
Instructor, Accounting
B.S., Chicago State University; M.S., Old Dominion University
Ext. 4354