Career Pathways Initiative:

In November 2016 Rust College was awarded a UNCF/Lilly Career Pathways Initiative Grant of $1 million dollars for five years. The grant proposal grounded in research on college students related to learning outcomes; retention and preparation established the framework for Career Pathways Rust College (CPRC). 

The focus on workforce learning outcomes allows Rust College to create a seamless pathway from college to career.  As a co-curricular design, the collaborations across disciplines are essential to the success of the program.  Commitments have been established with the five major divisions on campus to develop partnerships with businesses, corporations and government per division in order to establish a consortium, board, or commission to prepare students for internships, service learning initiatives, and employment. 

CPRC students will understand the essential elements of how their coursework transcends into a career. They  will have the intellectual capacity and the delivery capacity as evidenced in their videos, to compete for graduate/professional schools or a career in their field of study.

                                  Graduate & Professional School Week

   Please join us at Rust College.  We have designated October 27th & 30th of    2017, as our Graduate & Professional School Week.  I would like to extend    an invitation to this event.  We are looking forward to our students
   attending Graduate School and learning about various Professional    Certifications and Degrees.  We would love for you to come out and share    about your Graduate Programs & Professional Degree/Certification    Programs. Click Here for Registration.
Ms. Sandra Burke
Director, Career Services
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Ms. Linda Harris
Employment Coordinator
& Career Coach
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