Division of Education - Faculty & Staff                                             

Dr. Leon Howard
Professor & Chair, Division of Education
B.S., Alabama State University; M.S.Ed., Indiana University; Ed.D, Ball State University
Ext. 44410


Dr. Wonso White Hayes
Associate Professor, Education
A.A. Coahoma Junior College; B.S. Alcorn A & M College; MBE, M.E.PhD., University of Mississippi
Ext. 4090


Dr. James Herod
Associate Professor, Education
B.S., Jackson State College, M.A., & Ph.D., University of Mississippi (2009)
Ext. 4021


Dr. Helen Oliver
Coordinator of Off-Campus Learning & Associate Professor, Education
B.S., University of Nottingham; M.Ed., University of London; M.Ed., University of Mississippi; MBA, Strayer University; Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Ext. 4041

Dr. Nellie J. Smith
Professor, Business\Education
B.S., Rust College; M.S., Kansas State Teachers' College; Ph.D., University of North Dakota; (Utah State University);
Ext. 4353


Rodney Stennis
Instructor, Physical Activities\Coach, Men’s Basketball
B.A., Rust College; M.Ed., American International College
Ext. 4091


Martha P. Stovall
Assistant Professor, Education/Psychology
B.S., Roosevelt University; M.A., University of Detroit
Ext. 4404


Syldra Jones
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 4408