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Program Overview
The mission of the Division of Education at Rust College is to assist students through innovative teaching techniques in acquiring the necessary competencies and professional attitudes for service careers in elementary and secondary education. The intent is to produce graduates who will assume responsive and responsible roles as
educators throughout the nation and the world.

Major Areas of Study
To fulfill this mission, the Division of Education at Rust College provides a strong academic program which prepares caring, competent, creative educators, who are committed to professional excellence. The Division of Education offers the Bachelor of Science Degrees in the teaching areas of Elementary Education, Child Care Management (non-teaching), and Secondary Education. (Read More >>>)
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Divisional Goals
The goals of the education program are adopted from the regional accrediting agency (SACs), the Mississippi State Board of education, and the learned societies. The curriculum is developed from the goals and the mission of Rust College. The goal of the curriculum is to prepare students for successful teaching, professional and personal living.

Divisional Learning Outcomes
· Prepare students to complete licensure requirements;
· Develop contributing community members by providing service learning opportunities;
· Assist students in developing competencies in subject-matter knowledge and professional skills;
· Instill in students a love of learning to pursue their career and professional development;
· Encourage each student to develop a genuine concern for and human sensitivity (Read More>)

News & Announcements

Welcome to the Division of Education webpage, please feel free to contact us for any questions.  

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Division of Education
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