Division of Humanities - Faculty & Staff                                             

Dr. Alisea Williams McLeod, Assistant Professor
B.A., Stillman College; M.A., Miami University-Oxford; Ph.D., University of Michigan
Email: amcleod@rustcollege.edu
Phone:662-252-8000 ext. 4659
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Dr. Warren Booker, Assistant Professor, Religion
B.A., Rust College; M.Divinity., Interdenominational Theological Center;
D. Min., Methodist Theological School, Ohio

Email: wbooker@rustcollege.edu
Phone: 662-252-8000 ext. 4651
Dr. Norman B. Chapman (Part-Time), Associate Professor, Music
B.M., M.M., University of Kansas; M.A., Memphis State University; M.Ed., Memphis State University;
B.S., Rust College; Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

Email: nchapman@rustcollege.edu@rustcollege.edu
Phone:662-252-8000 ext. 4650
Mrs. Sharron Goodman-Hill, Instructor, Mass Communications
B.S., Mississippi University for Women; M.A., University of Mississippi
Email: sgoodman-hill@rustcollege.edu
Phone: 662-252-8000 ext. 4552
Dr. Debayo Moyo, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Mass Communications
BSC., University of Lagos; M.A., Ph.D., Howard University
Email: dmoyo@rustcollege.edu
Phone: 662-252-8000 ext. 4553
Ms. Learline Rayford, Administrative Assistant, Humanities
Email: lrayford@rustcollege.edu
Phone: 662-252-8000 ext. 4558
Mr. Mark Ridge, Instructor, English
B.A., M.A., University of Memphis
Email: mridge@rustcollege.edu
Phone: 662-252-8000 ext. 4068
Dr. Sharron Sarthou, Instructor, Assistant Professor, English
B.A.., University of Toronto, M.S.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Email: ssarthou@rustcollege.edu
Phone: 662-252-8000 ext. 4652
Dr. Hilda Booker Williams, Assistant Professor, English
B.A., Rust College; M.A., University of Illinois; Ed.D., University of Memphis
Email: hwilliams@rustcollege.edu
Phone: 662-252-8000 ext. 4603
Published Paper on Ida B. Wells