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               News from the English Department
Program Overview
The Division of Humanities offers courses designed to prepare students for life by providing them the necessary skills and knowledge to continue intellectual development and character formation throughout their lives. We believe that the best preparation for any career includes study in courses that teach critical thinking, the student's own culture, appreciation of diverse cultures, and positive character formation - those courses that, in short, help people to become more capable and to live more satisfying and productive lives.

The Division of Humanities offers courses in English, Humanities, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages (French, German, Spanish, and Chinese), Mass Communications, Music (Discontinued in 2013), Religion and Philosophy, Speech, & Drama. (Read More..>)
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Divisional Goals
In pursuit of its mission, the Division of Humanities will offer courses to:
· help students to see and understand how the world's people, cultures, and ideas (etc) are larger than ones own and to engage and interact with these carefully critically and respectfully;
· develop critical thinking skills by careful reading, healthy skepticism, openness to new ideas, exposing to new ideas/encouraging respect;
· develop writing and speaking skills that are effective, well-supported, organized, and clearly
articulated argument using both primary and secondary sources, and correct documentation style;
· help students recognize the importance of research and service in education.

Divisional Learning Outcomes (Read More>)

Welcome to the Division of Humanities webpage, please feel free to contact us for any questions.  

          Dr. Margaret Delashmit  
          Division Chair                               
Division of Humanities
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