Department of Social Work
                                                     Division of Social Science

SOCIAL WORK WEEKEND (B.S.W.) PROGRAM                                                                   APPLY ONLINE HERE

The weekend social work program was established in 2008 to offer a degree in social work to students that have completed their basic general education program in liberal arts or have an accredited degree in a discipline other than social work. Individuals that are working in social service agencies and have completed an associate degree and/or a Bachelor’s Degree in a discipline other than social work are eligible to apply for this program. Rust College Social Work Program has been accredited through the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) since June 2000. Accreditation of a Social Work Program through CSWE provides several benefits, for example: (1.) Eligibility for the Licensure Examination; (2) Potential admission for the Advanced Standing in a Master of Social Work Program and (3.) Invaluable knowledge, skills, and values gained from a professional degree in Social Work.

Class sizes for the Social Work Program are small and allows for individual attention and academic advisement. The faculty members are experienced professional social work educators with many years of direct practice within the field of Social Work and as Social Work educators.


The following weekend schedule provides the course offerings for the weekend.

Core Requirements
Module Year One     Year Two  
SOW-231  Introduction to Social Welfare (Friday) 3-Credit Hr SOW-431 Current Issues (Friday) 3-Credit Hr
SOW-234 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I, (Saturday) 3-Credit Hr SOW-433 Social Welfare Policy (Friday)
3-Credit Hr

Community Volunteerism, (Hybrid, Computer Assisted) 3-Credit Hr

SOW-437 Professional Ethics (Friday)
3-Credit Hr
SOW-234 Human Behavior and The Social Environment II, (Saturday) 3-Credit Hr SOW-490 Field Practicum** 9-Credit Hr
SOW-331 Generalist Practice I, (Saturday) 3-Credit Hr SOW-430 Field Seminar ** 3-Credit Hr
SOS-330 Statistics, (Friday) 3-Credit Hr SOW-335 Social Health Issues for the Elderly, 3-Credit Hr

Generalist Practice II, (Saturday)   3-Credit Hr


Research Methods, (Hybrid, Computer Assisted)
3-Credit Hr

SOW-434 ChildWelfare, (Friday) 3-Credit Hr    

Generalist Practice III, (Friday 5:00-10:30 & Saturday 8:30-1:30) Hybrid, Computer Assisted, 3-Credit Hr

SOW-330 Social Welfare Problems, (Friday 3:00-5:00 & Saturday 1:30-6:30) Hybrid, Computer Assisted 3-Credit Hr    
  Social Welfare Problem, 3-Credit Hr    

** Students may begin their Field Practicum and Seminar (SOW 490 & SOW 430) upon completion of all three Generalist Practice Courses (SOW 331,332,333). Field Seminar must be taken concurrently. Weekend students in social work may choose to do their Field Placement in block placement (40 hours/week- 500 hours in two modules) or concurrently (minimally 20 hours/week-500 hours approximately 9 months in four modules).

Field Internship placement experience is investigated and developed by the Field Director, a member of the Social Work faculty. Field work settings may include but are not limited to medical settings, nursing home/extended care units, and chaplaincy settings with related activities through professionally trained social service personnel. The Methodist Church can be explored as a possibility in their social service capacity. Also a professional social work personnel (M.S.W.) may be contracted to provide supervision within local social service agencies or programs such as criminal justice settings. Departments of Social Welfare/Mental Health are all possibilities for consideration of placements.


Other General Education (Liberal Arts) courses required before the start of the second year of the Weekend Social Work Program:An advanced Writing Course (three credit hours)
> Religion or Philosophy  (three credit hours)
> Economic Principles (three credit hours)
> Comprehensive Social Science courses (six credit hours) to include Sociology, American Government
> Computer Basics (three credit hours)
> Foreign Language (six credit hours)

Additional Division and Department requirements are identified in the college catalog. Final 36 credit hours must be completed at Rust College.  A review of the College catalog is important and a Social Work course “Need Sheet" will be provided through advisement as students begin the program.

Cost: Tuition for a semester (12 hours) is $4,050; per course (3cr. hrs ) is $1,350.00 or $330.00 per credit hour. Financial aid is available based on eligibility. 

Step one: Request an Application Packet for Admissions to Rust College through the Office of Enrollment Services, 150 Rust Ave. Holly Springs, Mississippi 38635.

Attention: Director of Enrollment Services                     
Telephone 662-252-8000 ext. 4058 Fax: 662-252-8895 

All applicants must submit two official copies of transcripts from all regionally accredited college and universities attended. When submitting the application, a copy of a form of notification to the Social Work Department will be requested to be sent to :

Dr. Gemma Beckley, Chair
Social Work Department
Rust College
McCarty/Varnell Building, Room 200
Holly Springs, Mississippi 38635
Telephone 662-252-8000 ext. 4360
Fax: 662-252-5332.