Rust College has partnered with HBCULinkUp to offer additional services to our students.

HBCU Link-Up is a FREE social networking website that helps to further educational opportunity for students nationally. HBCU LinkUp has aggregated a number of services to meet the needs of the high school students, counselors, college students and family members. HBCU LinkUp has established several high value relationships with national service organizations which our members can use to support their college bound and civic needs.

Through our site, students and civic groups learn about
• Bus Tours to colleges
• Dynamic scholarship tracking program month to month
• A College Enrollment program that offers failed students to get into college
• Communities can access powerful fundraising campaigns
• College search engines
• GPA and loan calculator
• Academic Teaching programs
• Career Search engine
• Mentoring opportunities with students, fraternities, sororities and educators

HBCU LinkUp provides an equalizing of platform for all serious students to achieve. This service is an offshoot of the 30 year old Brown/ Parrish Black College Bus Tour, which has provided college accessibility to thousands of students. The tour traditionally takes students to visit colleges along the east coast in an effort to build relationships on campuses with admissions departments.

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Search for Scholarships


 Below , you will find a break down of each tab so that you may advance in your search of scholarships. We would like to also ask you to take some time each week to leave a comment on another members page. Your comment could actually inspire someone or maybe they will inspire you to achieve your goals , or perhaps you have some educational information to share . Start introducing yourself  to other members, you never know what great opportunities may be presented .

1. "Let us show you how "  -  Gives you instruction on the "global and geography regents"

How to prepare students and families for the NYS Global and Geography Regents Exams.

2. " School Support Center" (drop down box) - this includes - G.P.A calculator , How to find your SAT score ,FAFSA Forms ,learn your occupation , and Funds for learning ; also NYS regents training

3. " Scholarship Support " - (drop down box) - includes - How to win scholars -your guide book- college board- scholarships online -black college dollars - cheap

4. " College Support Center " - (drop down box) - includes -College Navigator- College Matchmaker- Loan calculator-Compare colleges - College week -college prowler- Cappex (easy-to-use tools that quickly let you find colleges and scholarships) - federal Internship

5. "Colleges/Groups" - This allows you to join groups , whether it be, a group of a particular college , or Hbculinkup scholarship club . You also have thenoption of creating your own group (as long as its for educational purposes)

6.  "Career Opportunities" - whether you are looking to intern with us or become a full-time paid employee- at this tab you will find information explaining the position and duties , and how to apply

7. "About Us" - (drop down box) - This tab will lead you to information about our services, Team and History  .

8. " Chat " - This allows you to have a private chat with members or in a group

9. "Corporate Partners " This allows you to view all of our coporate partners

10. "Members" - This allows you to view all members profile and also gives you the ability to leave positve comment on there page even if you're not a friend of theirs

11. " Main" - Here you will see overview of the members activity - blogs - educational videos - (to the right of main page) Logos of some our corporate partners(just click) - you will also find access to "WyzAnt" ( WyzAnt is the leading tutoring marketplace on the web with 67,000 tutors , offering private lessons in hundreds of subjects like  ex. math , science ,test prep . foreign languages , music , computers and much more..)


- Varsity Tutors College Scholarship Contest

- The Virtual Student Internship Program

- UNCF Scholarship

- Concussion Awareness Scholarship