Academic Progress

Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require an institution to evaluate the academic progress of students receiving federal financial aid. Effective July 1, 1994, federal regulations required institutions to strengthen their policies. These regulations include a qualitative measure of the student’s progress (GPA), quantitative measure (completion ratio) and time frame.

The regulations mandate that institutions of higher education apply “standards of academic progress” for students receiving financial aid from Title IV federal programs. Schools must apply a reasonable standard of academic progress. This standard assesses academic progress for all transfer credits from other institutions regardless of whether aid is received.

All students applying for and/or receiving Title IV Financial Aid at Rust College must be progressing satisfactorily towards completion of their degree. Students with an academic standing of suspension do not meet the Qualitative Standards and are therefore ineligible to receive financial aid.

Qualitative Measure (GPA)

Freshmen must have at least a 1.50 Grade Point Average (GPA) at the end of the first year.

Hours Attempted
0-29 ----1.50
30-59 ----1.85
60-75 ----2.00
76 and above—2.00

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Students Receiving Financial Aid

Federal regulations, HEA Sec. 484(c), 668.16, 668.34, require all schools participating in the Title IV Federal Financial Aid Programs to have a satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy that conforms to the requirements detailed below.

  • Your SAP status is based on your entire academic record at all schools attended (includes all transferable hours), regardless of whether you receive financial aid.
  • SAP is calculated each semester after grades have been posted to your academic history by the Registrar’s Office.
  • Transfer credit hours accepted will count as hours attempted and completed. These hours will be used in the formula to calculate the PACE rate for transfer students.
  • A student may appeal his or her SAP Non Satisfactory Progress, Pace (quantitative) and Grade Point Average (qualitative) Requirements.
  • Pace (quantitative) Requirements-The Pace (quantitative) requirement has two parts:
    • A maximum time frame,
    • A required completion ratio


Quantitative Measure (Completion Ratio)

A student must receive passing grades in a minimum of 67% of all attempted credit hours. Grades of F, W, I, do not count as passing.

Example:  Fall-            Student attempts 12 hours
                 Spring-           Student attempts 12 hours
                                        =24 attempted hours x 67%=16

The student must successfully pass a total of 16 hours in order to meet the Quantitative Measure of Satisfactorily Academic Progress.

Maximum Time Frame- To determine the Maximum Time Frame, multiply the total hours required for the degree by 150%. As an example, if the program required 124 hrs x 150%, a student will be able to attempt a maximum of 186 hours before his or her financial aid eligibility is exhausted. This includes credits attempted at any school prior to and while enrolled at Rust College.

Completion Ratio- You must earn at least 67% of all attempted credit hours.

Below is a description of the qualitative and quantitative requirements of Rust College Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.