General Information

General Information

The three basic types of student financial assistance are scholarships/grants, loans, and work-study.

  • Scholarships/grants are gift aids that do not have to be repaid.
  • Loans are funds that have to be repaid with interest.
  • Work-study, usually employment on campus or off-campus. This program provides opportunities for students to earn money to apply toward their educational expenses.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online at Remember to apply for an FSA ID and Password for you and your parent at

  • The PIN number serves as an electronic signature for the FAFSA.
  • The school code is 002433
  • Print, sign, and submit the signature page if you do not have an FSA ID and Password  to sign your FAFSA, to the address indicated
  • Print your confirmation page with the confirmation number on top for your records.

                                                                                            FINANCIAL AID CALENDAR

February 1: Priority submission of application for the entering freshmen and/or transfer students.

March 15: Students who plan to attend summer school should submit a completed Summer School Application. All students who desire financial aid of any type for summer school must complete the 2017-2018 FAFSA. Also, this is the deadline for submitting Critical Needs Teacher Applications and HELP application.

April 15: Priority deadline for completing the FAFSA application. This means the FAFSA has been filed and received by the Financial Aid Office and verification completed.

May 1: Make sure that your admission application is finalized and that all documentation has been turned into the Financial Aid and Admission's Office.
May 15: Be sure to have your final high school transcript sent to the Office of Admission.

June 30: Last date to file a FAFSA for the current academic year.

July 15: Final deadline for returning students to complete, submit, and verify the information on the FAFSA.

June-August 15th –Full Time Employment

October1:  Students can complete the 2018-2019 FAFSA Application.