Chase K. Carr, SGA President 2012-2013
Chase K. Carr was born on December 3, 1990 to the proud mother of Valerie Newson Hadley and is the grandson of Mary and the late Jerdo Newson III. He is a native of Leland, Mississippi and is the youngest of four siblings.

Chase graduated from Leland High School in Leland, Mississippi in 2009. He graduated as an honor student, ranked #4 in a class of 64 students. He was very involved in his community and in the school system. His passion for wanting to become the Student Government Association president for Rust College was inspired during his reign as Student Government Association president of his high school graduating class. Chase says he knew that if he could make a difference in the lives of those students in his high school class, he would do the same in that leadership role on a college campus.

After high school, Chase was accepted to several colleges and universities. Rust College was not his first choice, but after speaking with various representatives on college campuses, it became clear to him that Rust College would be his final choice for attending college in the fall of 2009.

Chase entered Rust College with the same enthusiasm and leadership capabilities as in high school. He became involved in a number of clubs and organizations. His first leadership role was that of President of the Earnest A. and Milverta Smith Honor Society for two consecutive years (2009-2010, 2010-2011). He has also served as Vice President for the sophomore class, was named Mr. Pre-Alumni, and is a member of the NAACP, Math & Science Club, Mississippi Association of Educators, Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce/Main Street Economic Committee, and Upsilon Delta chapter of  Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., where he serves as Chaplain. He also interned as a Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Research Program Scholar at the University of Mississippi in the summer 2012.

Upon receiving his Bachelor of Science in Biology in April 2013, Chase plans to attend graduate school and pursue a doctorate in environmental science.

Chase Carr, who is known as “Mr. President” by students, faculty, and staff, says he believes in having a personal mantra to start his day. His great-grandmother always had departing words to share with him as a child. Now, as a young man, Chase has embraced the words: “You know where you’ve been, but you don’t know where you’re going.” Chase believes in accountability of others and himself. He leads by example and trusts God in his decisions, knowing obedience is better than sacrifice. As he finishes his final year of undergraduate studies at Rust College, he is excitingly waiting to repeat those senior words, “By Their Fruits, Ye Shall Know Them.”

Chase K. Carr, SGA President 2012-2013