Services available within Student Affairs are as follows:

* Providing academic support and implementation of college policy

* Coordinating disputes and resolutions including academic and behavioral violations of the Student Code of Conduct

* Assuming leadership around holistic education to create a conducive living and learning environment

* Enhancing the student experience and addressing issues of retention through ongoing assessment, interpretation, and response to changing student needs

* Coordinating student development through social, moral, ethical, spiritual, psychological, and occupational preparation for the college community

* Coordinating campus response to major crises

* Coordinating student life programs and services throughout the College

Student Affairs at Rust College is student centered and student focused. It is our goal to empower students to achieve the greatest potential in their personal and academic development. We are committed in helping you reach your goals and become part of the Rust College legacy.

Vice President for Student Affairs
Carllos D. Lassiter