Student Engagement - Judicial Affairs


The Office of Judicial Affairs works collaboratively with the campus community to guide students to act responsibly and educate them about Rust College policies.


What We Do
The Office of Judicial Affairs is responsible for investigating and addressing complaints and concerns about student behavior. The student disciplinary process, outlined in the Rust College Student Handbook is used to investigate alleged violations of the Rust College policies to maintain order.


Student Responsibilities
Rust College students are expected to abide by all of the College’s policies, rules, and regulations while on and off campus. Failure to abide by any of these rules may lead to disciplinary action.
The Office of Judicial Affairs strongly encourages students to follow these standards of behavior:

  • Lead responsibly
  • Act ethically
  • Engage in civil dialogue and respectful interaction
  • Guide your conduct with respect and accountability

How to Make a Report
Students, faculty, or staff member who has a complaint or concern about a student should complete a Concern Form. This form is available in the Office of Judicial Affairs and on the Student Engagement webpage under the “Forms” link.


Emergency Concern
For safety concerns or urgent/threatening incidents, immediately contact the Rust College Security Office at 662-252-800, extension 4355.