Opportunities for Investment

Alumni and Friends, like other donors to a cause, want to know that their resources are being used wisely and directed toward a venture that they can feel good about. With this in mind , Rust College has developed a variety of opportunities for investment. Some of these might include:

Adopt a program: a chance for an alumnus/friend to have ownership in a specific
program major or program within a major (could be renewable on a yearly basis).

Named scholarship: in honor of a friend or relative or in memory of someone who has passed away.

Other named opportunities: these could include the Business and Computer Science Building, laboratories, studios, auditoriums, athletic facilities, campus roads, classrooms , and a variety of other possibilities

Adopt a student: one can express an interest in supporting a student's educational experience for one year - a student might be assigned to an alumnus/friend as a mentor for that year as well as for financial support - you might consider students by way of a particular major area of study (regular correspondences would be encourage between the student and supporter.

Specific opportunities to invest in equipment: the college always has a need for the latest technology available.

Unrestricted giving: these will be monies given to the College by alumni/friends to be used where the need is the greatest.

Faculty or staff endowed chairs: an opportunity to sustain a chair and provide
continuous support for a faculty or staff member in a department area chosen by the donor.

Planned giving: taking advantage of any one of a number of planned giving opportunities that may be unrestricted of focus on specific Rust College programs includin g trusts, annuities, pooled income fund, deferred gifts of property , home or equipment, and life insurance with College owning the policy.

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