The evening program for Business Administration Majors is called the Adult Pathway Program. This program is designed as an accelerated, degree completion program for evening students. The program is designed to provide a unique opportunity for non-traditional students to complete their college degree while working full time during the day. These students must have completed two years of college (60 semester hours, 30 of which must meet Rust College’s requirements in liberal arts education) that can be applied toward satisfying the course requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. This accelerated program can be completed within two academic years by taking classes in the evening on campus. Many of the core course requirements within the Division of Business are currently offered online as well as in a classroom type learning environment.


Following are the core business course requirements for completion of the 127 hours required to graduate from Rust College if students enroll with the 60 acceptable semester hours.


COL    111/112           College Orientation                                                                 1

BCIS   230                  Basic Computer Concepts                                                       3

BMKT 230                  Principles of Marketing                                                           3

BUAD 230                  Mathematics for Business                                                        3

BMGT 330                  Organizational Theory and Behavior                                        3

BACC 231                  Principles of Accounting I                                                        3

BECO 231                  Principles of Microeconomics                                                   3

BACC 232                  Principles of Accounting II                                                       3

BCIS   331                  Information Systems I                                                              3

BECO 232                  Principles of Macroeconomics                                                  3

BUAD 330                  Business Law                                                                           3

BUAD 333                  Business Communication                                                          3

BUAD 331                  Business Calculus                                                                     3

BECO 335                  Business Statistics                                                                     3

BACC 430                  Managerial Accounting                                                             3

BMGT 432                  Production/Operations Management                                         3

BUAD 432                  Business Finance                                                                      3

BUAD 433                  Business Policy                                                                         3

BUAD 460                  Internship in Business                                                                6

BMGT 335                  Workforce Diversity Management                                            3

BUAD 434                  Business Ethics and Society                                                      3

BECO 333                  Global Business Issues                                                              3

Total Semester Hours                                                         67


General Education (Liberal Arts Requirements) for Adult Pathway Program

BIOL 130                   Biological Science                                                                      3

SPCH 130                  Fundamentals of Speech                                                            3

ENGL 131                  Grammar & Composition I                                                        3

ENGL 132                  Grammar & Composition II                                                       3         

HIST 131                    World History                                                                           3

HIST 132                    America’s Historical Experience                                                3

MATH 132                 College Algebra                                                                        3

ENGL 232                  Advanced Grammar & Composition                                          3

SOSC 231                  Introduction to the Social Sciences                                             3

HUMA 233                 Introduction to the Humanities                                                   3

Total Additional Transferable Hours Required                 30

Total Semester Hours                                                         60

Total Semester Hours Needed for Graduation                127                                   



 Other Graduation Requirements:  1. Exit Interview     2. Senior Project 


 Click here to download the Division of Business Adult Pathway and Evening Program Need Sheet