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Ms. Helen L. Street, Director of Financial Aid


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The following charts are based on full-time enrollment for the 2015-2016 academic year. The Budget amount will consist of direct and indirect cost.

On Campus        
Tuition/Fees                                                    $9,500
Room/Board                                                      4,100
Misc./Personal                                                   1,300
Transportation/Supplies                                  1,150
Loan Fee                                                                  50
 Total               $16,100

Students without dependents who live with parents
Tuition/Fees                                                      $9,500
Room/Board                                                         1,500
Misc./Personal                                                      1,100
Transportation/Supplies                                     1,850
Loan Fee                                                                     50
  Total                $14,000

Pathway Students                                                                        
Tuition/Fees                                                        $9,500
Room/Board                                                          2,000
Misc./Transportation                                           1,100
Loan Fee                                                                     50
Total                 $12,650
Off-Campus Independent
Tuition/Fees                                                   $9,500
Room/Board                                                     4,400
Misc./Supplies/Transportation                     2,850
Loan Fee                                                                 50        
  Total                $16,800

Continuing Education: Full-Time (12hrs)
Tuition/Fees                                                           $9,500
Room/Board                                                             1,500
Misc./Supplies/Transportation                             1,800
Loan Fee                                                                         50
Total                       $12,650

* In order to include in the budget items such as child care, study abroad and a computer purchase, the student MUST provide documentation to the director. Also, an average loan fee of $50.00 is added to the student’s budget each year for all students with loans.



 Outlined below is the full time (12 hours or better) fee schedule for the 2015-2016 school year.

August –December
First Semester             On Campus     Off Campus(Dependent)   Off Campus (Independent)

Tuition                          $4,850.00                    $4,850.00                      $4850.00
Room & Board            $2,050.00                                  0                                   0
Total Direct Cost   $6,900.00                 $4,850.00                  $4850.00

Second Semester         On Campus                 Off Campus         Off Campus (Independent)

Tuition                          $4,650.00                    $4,650.00                       $4650.00
Room & Board            $2,050.00                                0                                      0
Total Direct Cost   $6,700.00                  $4,650.00                  $4650.00

Total Yearly
Direct Cost               $13,600.00               $9,500.00                  $9,500.00

Indirect Cost
Supplies, Misc.
Loan Fee)                    $2,500.00                    $4,500.00                        $7,300.00


Total Budget
For 2015-2016            $16,100.00                  $14,000.00                     $16,800.00


The budget amount is used on the Financial Aid Award letter. We use the budget amount less the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) number to determine the aid eligibility for each student. Students can not receive more than the budget amount for the 2015-2016 fall and spring terms.

All students are free to decline the work-study and/or the Federal Direct Loan.