The Leontyne Price Library
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Inter-Library Loan

"The purpose of interlibrary loans is to make available for research and serious study, library materials not in the Leontyne Price Library, with the due provisions made by the lending library for the rights of its primary clientele."

"Interlibrary loan service is a courtesy and a privilege, not a right, and is dependent upon the cooperation of many libraries. Because of the cost of the service and the conflict in demands for certain classes or material, the interlibrary loan service should be restricted (especially when borrowing from large research libraries) to requests that cannot be filled by any other means. As applied to research for advanced degrees, it is assumed that the candidate in any institution will choose theses topics according to the resources at hand and not those which will involve attempting to borrow a large part of the necessary library resources from another library. It is assumed that the borrowing library will carefully screen all applications for loans and will reject those which do not conform to the Code." (General Interlibrary Loan Code).

Further along in the code, it is stated that, "requests should not be made for books for class use and current books that a library can purchase or for books basic for a thesis written for the borrowing institution." Therefore, we restrict our borrowing of materials to students writing a thesis and faculty members doing research. All interlibrary loan requests should be left at the Librarian's Office.

PLEASE NOTE: All cost beyond postage incurred with an interlibrary loan is passed on to the person making the request.