Mr. Eric Scott, Campus Police Chief

4880 or 662-216-3429; Fax: 662-252-1501

A Shared Responsibility:
Campus Safety is a shared responsibility.
Rust College works hard to make the campus  as safe as can be. Ask a campus police officer about becoming a member of the Campus Watch Bearcat Patrol.

For Your Protection:
Your school’s campus security measures

Please Note!!!
The Police Department focuses on the safety of the entire Rust College family and its property. We work with all aspects of the college, providing a safe environment.

We have built an excellent relationship with the County Sheriff’s Department and the Holly Springs Police. This allows us to summon assistance of other agencies to provide services for those investigations that might require special resources.

It is the policy of the Police Department to encourage the prompt reporting of any criminal or suspected criminal activity. The Police Department investigates thoroughly any report made by students, faculty, or staff and works actively on crime prevention. Our campus crime statistics illustrate that we maintain a safe campus with minimal problems.

> Emergency Procedures Manual
> Campus Police Operations Manual

Campus Crime Statistics