Office of Public Relations

Rust College Public Relations Customer Service Plan

The Rust College Office of Public Relations exists to ensure the exchange of information so that the College's mission, program and goals are understood, appreciated and supported. Additionally, we strive to be an integral component of the College's efforts to improve student retention.  By promoting their achievements and recognizing their accomplishments, we provide them with the encouragement and motivation to persevere and complete their education. 

The primary responsibilities of Public Relations are designed to foster close relationships with members of the news media and the public which we serve; to enhance internal communication on campus with students, faculty, staff and alumni; and to maintain the visual and editorial identity of Rust College through the production of quality publications and promotional materials.

Key Areas of Responsibility

The Office of Public Relations seeks to interpret Rust College to its various constituencies and represent Rust College in the community. Through the Office of Public Relations we attempt to continually build better understanding and support for Rust College.


Dr. David L. Beckley

(662) 252-8000 ext. 4015


Dr. Ishmell Edwards
Vice President, College Relations

(662) 252-8000 ext. 4012
Ms. Dionyal SpencerDirector of Public Relations

(662) 252-8000 ext. 4915
Ms. Kimberly Woods
Admin. Assistant, PR/ Alumni Affairs

(662) 252-8000 ext. 4911