The World Famous Rust College A’Cappella Choir, one of America’s most renowned choirs, features a broad repertoire of classical, semi-classical, spirituals, opera, contemporary and traditional gospel.

About the Rust College A’Cappella Choir

The World Famous Rust College A’Cappella Choir is one of America’s most renowned choirs which features broad repertoire of classical, semi-classical, spirituals, opera, contemporary and traditional gospel. The choir has captured the attention of prestigious audiences world-wide. Some of their noteworthy performances and awards include: 

In the late 1930s and 1940s, choir members often traveled in station wagons and cars with student drivers, and in many instances, Rust College students were their own directors.  Because funds were limited, and because of the then Jim Crow laws, choir members were forced to reside in the homes of alumni and friends. Miss Doxey and her choir were used as ambassadors and fundraisers for the College, and represented the school at various functions throughout the Mid-Western United States and the South.  The choir has continued to carry on many of the traditions from eras past, making friends and supporters of the college.

Reverend Vernon L. Jones, M.Div., ABD
Minister and Professional Educator

The Reverend Vernon L. Jones currently serves as a Choral Music Educator and Keyboarding Instructor at the Martin Luther King, Jr. High School – one of Dekalb County School System’s largest educational facilities, serving over 2,300 students. Being a professional educator keeps him connected and committed to the teaching and learning process. His professional responsibilities afford him the opportunity to implement the following: a choral music program that is multiculturally inclusive, a curriculum based music instructional plan with rubrics for evaluating and monitoring student progress that are congruent with the National Standards of Music Education, the creation of Beginning and Intermediate Keyboarding classes, render crisis intervention to students as needed, making the appropriate referrals to administrative staff and outside agencies as needed, coordinating arts related activities in the academic and community settings, and serving on ad-hoc county boards and committees.

In addition to Reverend Jones’ tenure in public music education, he also serves as Minister of Music and Arts at the Big Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, the oldest African-American congregation in the city of Atlanta. The scope and span of his duties enable him to hire and monitor music personnel, conduct periodic staff meetings to monitor growth development of the music ministry, train choirs for worship services and special events, conduct periodic workshop designed for music ministry expansion and service, meet with Senior Pastor and other denominational leaders to develop and implement cutting edge ideas for lifelong learning in the community of faith. He is also the Executive Producer of the nationally acclaimed morality play “Heaven Bound”, now in its seventy-eighth year of production. In November of 2007, Heaven Bound was featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as one of the traditions of Atlanta.

Reverend Jones continued his professional career at Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn, New York in a dual position as Academic Advisor in the Freshman Year Department in addition to being a Lecturer in the Music Department. At this juncture in his academic quest, he taught Introduction to World Music, keyboarding courses and voice lessons, assisted students in planning and tracking their academic course of study, monitored student progress and counseled as needed. Reverend Jones also served on the curriculum review and adoption team for the Freshman Year Department.

Vision for Lifelong Theological Education
The church and its components must be able to address the needs of a changing population. Being informed of new ideas and concepts that will speak to the well being of the community of faith is crucial for its continued growth. The academic theological setting provides the base for the community to be enlightened and given new visions for its people. The interaction between church and seminary is necessary for strategizing and implementing new initiatives for consistent lifelong learning in the theological setting.

Leadership Competence
Reverend Jones has the ability and desire to promote the philosophy of lifelong learning through theological education and community involvement; provide team building leadership; promote multicultural awareness; make informed, objective judgments; and serve as a liaison between the academic and general church population.

Reverend Jones is a graduate of Candler School of Theology, Emory University and East Carolina University. He holds a Master of Divinity Degree and a Bachelor of Music degree with a concentration in Voice and Music Education. Additionally, he has completed the course requirements for the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. Reverend Jones is an active Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, member of the Atlanta North Georgia Annual Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Georgia Music Educators Association, and the American Choral Directors Association.

Professional Experience
Reverend Jones has over 25 years of specialized experience providing services in academic, clinical and faith-based communities. Additionally, Reverend Jones has facilitated workshops on topics including the following:

• Music Ministry Growth
• Church Music: Where do we go?
• Developing a biblically based Music Ministry.
• Training Music Ministry Staff for Effective Leadership

Professional Credentials
• T-6Teaching Certificate in Music Education K-12
• Ordained Elder-The African Methodist Episcopal Church

You will find that his curriculum vita highlights past accomplishments and illustrate his passion for lifelong learning in the academic and theological communities. The summary captures a microcosm of Reverend Jones’ leadership and administrative competencies as they relate to what he has to offer as a highly-qualified leader. On a final note, Reverend Jones is committed to ensuring there is lifelong learning not only in the academic setting, but in the church and its components. His passion for lifelong learning is only surpassed by his unwavering dedication to fulfilling the vision of the church, its goals and mission.


The very essence of the choir is attributed to the character and music ability of the directors and singers.  Those directors who have given their souls, minds and lives for the preservation of this icon of the 21st century include the following: 

The purpose of the choir has been to serve as a public relations entity to help spread the good news regarding the college. No other organization on campus has brought more prestige and contributed more to the welfare of the college. With its years of accomplishments, it is no doubt that the A’Cappella Choir is vested in the hearts of thousands.

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