Priority Deadline: May 17, 2019
RCYTI Schedule
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Dr. Warren Booker, Director, RCYTI
662-416-2029/662-252-8000 x4651

Ms. Elouise Nabors, Administrative Assistant
662-252-8000 x4660; 

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  Who is God? Grow in knowledge of Him   and understand your place in the world.
Health & Healing, STEM Writing & Arts, Ministry, Business & Entrepreneurship
  What is my passion? Explore career  fields  and align a profession to your call.
Acclaimed Speakers,
Peer Advisors, &
Covenant Groups
  What are my goals and values? Develop   strategies and grow closer to God in the   process.
Talent Show, Recreation,
Banquet & Worship
  Live your faith! See how your   relationship with God is directly linked   to your relationship with others.