Rust College Overcomes the COVID-19 Challenge—You Can Too

Rust College Overcomes the COVID-19 Challenge—You Can Too. As a line in the alma mater says, “Rust was the first to give some learning unto those who were set free.” Since 1866 Rust College has responded to challenges. Today is no different. COVID-19 presents many challenges. And today, education is no less important than it was in 1866. Because a college education is so important, no student should miss the first year of college after graduating from high school or skip a year after starting college. That is why Rust College will be open in the fall for a quality HBCU experience for every student. If it is safe for students to live in the dorms, there will be an on-campus program. Whatever happens, there will be a distance education program that is not just taking classes, but a full HBCU experience. We can’t predict the future, but Rust College can promise that come fall, you can start or continue your steps toward becoming a college graduate. Soon you will be proclaiming the line in the alma mater, “Of all the schools in the world Rust is the one for me.”

All students have the responsibility of becoming fully aware of the housing policies in the Student Handbook, which you may download below.