Alumni play a vital role in supporting and sustaining Rust College. There are many roles that Alumni play. Each person who has been blessed with the experience of Rust College can find a way to help Rust College make a difference in the lives of young people. Some of the ways that alumni and friends of the college keep involved are highlighted below.

Send Students to Rust

Each year there are thousands of young people who go off to college without considering a Rust education. Alumni play a vital role in identifying young people, telling them about Rust College, and introducing them to the admissions office.

Founders Week

Founders Week, held each year in early November, is an excellent way for alumni and friends to meet old classmates and to make new acquaintances. Activities during the week and especially on the weekend are designed to keep alumni up to date about what is happening at the college.

The A’Cappella Choir Concerts

Choir concerts are one of the primary ways that Rust College raises awareness about the college. Alumni play an important role in finding venues up and down the United States where the A’Cappela Choir can perform. The music program is important as part of the educational program at Rust. Helping organize and promoting concerts is also an important fund raising and recruiting activity.

Make a Pledge or Financial Gift

There are many ways to support Rust College financially. Follow this link to see how easy it is to make a Gift. The gifts of alumni and friends are an important part of the college’s annual budget where over 90% of the students receive financial aid.

Follow the Team When They Come to Town

If you live in Holly Springs or somewhere else where Bearcat athletic teams compete, you can attend games, support the athletes, and use events an opportunity to promote Rust College.

You are Welcome on Campus Anytime

Alumni are always welcome to visit the campus. Often alumni return to classroom to share their experience with students.