The Federal Cares Act provides funds to institutions of higher education for grants to students to defray costs associated with the effects of the coronavirus.  

Rust College will receive a portion of these funds to distribute to our students.  Every eligible student enrolled at Rust College for the 4th Module of Spring 2020 will receive an amount to be determined under the regulations of the US Department of Education.  

Procedures are being developed for the rapid dissemination of the funds to our students at the earliest possible date.  Rust College has not yet received the funds from the Department of Education but anticipates receiving them within about two weeks.

We are asking our students to please be patient and not call the school about the funds.  Requiring our staff to answer the many calls slows down our process of actually preparing to get the funds out.  Initial grants will be mailed to each student at the official address you have given to the college for entry into our student database.  You should be sure that this official address is your correct address.

Change of address

To change your official address on file with the school, you should complete a change of address form (see below) in the Registrar’s Office or mail or email the same information along with a contact telephone number to the Registrar at You will then be contacted by the Registrar’s office for verificatoin

Change of address form