Emergency Contact Numbers

Emergency CallsDial 911
Office of Campus Security(662) 252-8000, ext. 4355
Rust College Security Officers(662) 216-3429
Holly Springs Police Department(662) 252-2122
Marshall County Sheriff Department(662) 242-1311
Alliance Healthcare System(662) 252-1212
Student Engagement (REMIND campus alert system)(662) 252-8000 ext. 4075


Under the management of the Director of Campus Security the office has a host of responsibilities, that includes but is not limited to; managing campus crime prevention and safety programs; campus parking; campus electronic access and security surveillance systems; conducting investigations; emergency management and planning; physical security of the campus; and, maintaining a liaison with local, county, state and federal law enforcement and emergency management officials.


The Campus Security and Compliance is a part of the Office of Business Affairs and is supervised by a Chief of Campus Security and Compliance. The Campus Security and Compliance officers investigate, prepare, and submit incident reports to the Vice President for Business Affairs and the Vice President for Student Engagement for further investigation and charges. Serial numbers of stolen items from the campus are reported to the local authorities. Criminal actions or concerns of emergency can and should be reported by any student, faculty, or staff.

Campus Alert System

Rust College utilizes the REMIND communication platform emergency text alert system. REMIND is the most effective way of communicating emergency information to the entire campus population. Students as well as faculty and staff are notified of inclement weather conditions, school closings, emergencies and safety alerts through text messages on their cellular phones. The REMIND text alert system is convenient, easy to use, fast, accurate, effective and best of all free! The Rust College Office of Campus Security strongly encourages all students, faculty and staff to sign up for the REMIND text alert service. Current students, staff and faculty, visit the Office of Student Engagement to sign-up.

Physical Plant and Facilities

The Physical Plant Area maintains the college buildings and grounds with a concern for the safety of all. Campus facilities are regularly checked and repaired for safety and security purposes (i.e. broken windows, locks, and doors).


The Office of Residential Education and the Vice President for Student Engagement assist the area by reporting potential security hazards. College officials along with Campus Police will observe the campus to maintain proper lighting and other items of concern for the well being of our campus community. Any deficiencies observed are reported to the proper individuals for repairs.

The College is open to the public during the day and evening hours when classes are in session with the exception of our residence halls. Residence hall staff should be informed of all visitors visiting the various rooms. Room visitation must be approved by the hall supervisor in charge.

During the time the college is officially closed, buildings are locked and cleaned and only Residence Education personnel, physical plant, student workers, and other major officers have access to the facilities.