College Choir

The College Choir, known as the Rust College World Renowned A’Cappella Choir, had its beginning in the early 1930’s under the directorship of Miss Natalie Doxey, a graduate of Rust College, who served as a music teacher and choir director until 1969. Members are accepted by audition only. The Chamber Singers are chosen from the World Renowned A’Cappella Choir. It earned the name World Renowned after touring five countries in Europe, South Africa, and performing at Notre Dame in Paris, France. The World Renowned A’Cappella Choir performs major works, anthems, spirituals, etc., while the Chamber Singers perform a number of works spanning a period from Madrigals to Vocal Jazz. The Choir has its annual spring tour following commencement.

College Band

The Rust College instrumental music program provides opportunities for students to perform at various campus and off-campus activities. Students from all majors are welcome to join, and scholarship money and class credit are available to qualified individuals. Interested students must be able to read music and must first audition for the conductor in order to be accepted into the program. Performance opportunities exist in the Rust College Concert Band, Rust College Jazz Ensemble, Basketball Pep Band, and in various chamber ensembles. The instrumental music program also offers opportunities for students to study on their individual instruments for class credit, through one-on-one instruction.