Academic Skills Program

We want every student to be successful by becoming a college graduate and we’re going to work hard with you to make it happen. The Academic Skills Program (ASP) assists students to improve their college readiness. The three classes are basic mathematics, writing, and reading. They are sequenced to equip students with the appropriate learning skills to enter the general education college-level program. A student must demonstrate mastery in these courses with a passing grade of C or better.  ASP courses do not count toward any degree or graduation and are not transferable.

Optimizing Academic Success, Improving Students (OASIS)

You will receive two weeks of orientation to prepare for your college career. OASIS is our way of ensuring that you are ready to become a part of the college community. This is your opportunity to be introduced to academic programs, policies, curriculum, and degree requirements. You will be advised, registered, and receive your student ID and NETIDs.


The GradesFirst program is designed to monitor student absences in freshmen classes on a daily basis. Students who miss a class are contacted immediately by text message and/or email and must report to their advisor. Students who are continually absent or do not respond to outreach are contacted at home by postcard and an appointment is scheduled to see their First Year Experience advisor immediately to address the problem.

First Year Experience

Most first-year students enter Rust College through the First-Year Experience (FYE) Program. The purpose of FYE is to further the goals of Rust College by providing a quality program of general education that meets the needs of students at different levels of academic preparation.

FYE is committed to offering students academic learning experiences that will prepare them for successful undergraduate academic careers culminating in a baccalaureate degree from Rust College. The primary goals of FYE are to provide academic and retention programs to new students that promote intellectual and social development leading to academic success. These goals are accomplished based on students’ individual needs and preparation. All first-year students must complete a general education program consisting of 55 hours of requirements in the humanities, natural sciences, and social science.