Program Overview

The Division of Social Science is committed to producing graduates who are able to successfully compete in graduate and professional schools and in a wide range of available occupations, including teaching, research, law enforcement, law, social work, policy planning, civil service, medicine, and international relations. The Division’s primary goal is to insure that its graduates are both liberally educated as well as pragmatically trained, empowered citizens capable of living, working and competing in a global, multi-cultural, and technological world. To accomplish this goal, the Division has as its major objective to produce culturally literate students who demonstrate competencies in their major fields, in written and oral communications, in quantitative and computer skills, and who are analytical.

Major Areas of Study

The Division offers majors in Social Work, Political Science, Sociology, Social Science, and Social Science Education. The Bachelor of Arts Degree is offered in Political Science, Sociology, Social Science, and Social Science Education. An emphasis in Criminal Justice is also offered. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree (nonteaching) program in any of the major areas are required to complete the general education requirements of the College and the Major program as prescribed by the Division. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Social Science Education are required to complete in addition to the general education and major requirement (36 credit hours), professional education courses designed to meet the state of Mississippi teachers’ certification requirements. Please check with the Division of Education for specific requirements. All other Social Science majors must successfully complete a minimum of 36 hours in the major area, 21 hours of general Social Science courses (as outlined under Social Science General Requirements). Social Science majors must successfully complete an approved Senior Thesis/Project and pass the divisional Comprehensive Examination in their major area. A minimum grade of ‘‘C’’ must be earned in all major core courses. A student with less than a 3.00 cumulative grade point average must get approval from his/her advisor and the division chair to take over 16 hours in a given semester.

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is offered for students seeking to major in Social Work (refer to the page 147 for more details). Students are encouraged to review the requirements because they must apply and be accepted into the Social Work program. The Division also offers a Weekend Program in the area of Social Work. This program is designed to offer a degree in Social Work to students who have completed their basic general education program in liberal arts or have an accredited degree in a discipline other than Social Work. The Division also offers a Study Abroad Program, which allows students to gain a practical international experience by studying and researching in a foreign country. This is an interdisciplinary program, open to students in all majors, designed to engage students in the practical skills of systematic inquiry relative to the languages and cultures of other nations.

Divisional Goals

The overall goal of the division is to:

  •  Produce gradates that are able to successfully compete in graduate/professional school and in the job market.

Divisional Learning Outcomes

Upon completing a major in Social Science students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding and applications of the concepts and principles of their respective major area of study in structure, institutions, and processes.
  • Apply the knowledge of respective discipline, using technology as well as traditional methods for contemporary problem solving.
  • Demonstrate excellence verbal and written communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills in various academic and professional settings.
  • Demonstrate their personal value system/principles and apply these principles in their everyday and professional lives.
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