Rust College Deferred Credit Program

Deferred credit is a term used for the process of allowing academically qualified high school students to enroll at Rust College. General education are courses required for all degree-seeking students. Students applying for the deferred credit program must be enrolled in a college-bound degree track in their high school with a cumulative grade point average of at least a 3.00 on a 4.00 scale. Applicants are to be strongly recommended by their school counselor and an instructor in a class related to the one in which the applicant is to enroll.

Students accepted in the deferred credit program may attend tuition free. The deferred credits will be recorded as regular credits if the student is admitted to the College later as a freshman student, after his/her graduation from high school. If the student attends Rust, the credits will be applied toward the degree. If, however, the student opts not to attend Rust and wishes to have the credits earned transferred to another institution, the student must pay for the cost of the course before a transcript can be released. Cost will be based at the part-time evening rate in place at the time the courses are transferred.

The College reserves the right to limit enrollment based on availability of class space. Students are expected to fully meet the requirements of courses and will be graded accordingly.