Dear Prospective Student,

I’m elated by your interest and desire to find out more about the FYE (First Year Experience) program and the services that are offered for first time students. As students begin their first year at Rust, they’ll start to see all the possibilities their undergraduate experience offers.

FYE staff is dedicated to engaging with students throughout the first year as we eagerly offer guidance, advice, and help as students explore options. Through programs, services and resources, we’ll provide the information students need to make their education and experience everything they want and need it to be.

The primary aim of the FYE is to assist students in making the transition to college and connecting them with academic and non-academic resources necessary for retention, graduation, and career placements. This is accomplished through first year experiences inclusive of student support services, career awareness, financial literacy, and retention efforts.

I am hopeful that you will enjoy browsing this link that provides a glimpse of FYE at Rust College.

Carolyn V. Hymon,
First Year Experience Director
Shaw Hall
Rust College
150 Rust Ave
Holly Springs, MS 38635
(662) 252-8000 x4902