Ms. Rust and Mr. Rust applicants must be seniors with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above. Candidates must have 90 semester credit hours posted on the transcript at the time the application is submitted and must have completed 30 hours at Rust College. Candidates cannot have a disciplinary record.


The coronation will be held at a time, place, and manner designated by Miss Rust & Mr. Rust in conjunction with SGA Cabinet within the first six weeks of school.


Miss Rust is a delegate-at-large from the student body to the SGA and shall serve as an ex-officio member to all of its committees. She is to work closely with the Institutional Advancement Office of Rust College. She must be familiar with the interworks of the SGA. She must live on campus. In the event the major officers of the Student Government Association are incapacitated, Miss Rust shall serve as President of the SGA until new major officers are elected.


Miss Rust and Mr. Rust are automatically invited to all social functions of the entire student body. They are not to be a paying patron at any of the occasions unless they so desire. She is to wear a crown at all formal occasions. A special room in the Residence Hall will be assigned to Miss Rust where feasible.


The student body shall elect Miss Rust and two alternatives. In the event that the elected Miss Rust becomes incapacitated by violation of any of the above stated qualifications or if she fails to enroll as a student during the ensuing school year, the first alternate automatically assumes the role of Miss Rust. The line of succession is carried out in order to the second alternate and afterwards a new election shall be necessary.

Queens (Alternates to Miss Rust)

All young women seeking an election position of Queen effective fall 1999, must be verified as a full-time student, and must be approved by the Dean of Student Affairs. She must not have a disciplinary record, must not be married or have been married or have a child or children, and must have a 3.00 or above GPA. Classification must be verified by the Registrar.