The Counseling, Outreach Problem-Solving for Excellence (COPE) Center

The COPE Center is designed to aid in the retention of our students. The Center offers support and outreach services to students by assisting through problem-solving and helping students to make informed choices about opportunities, community resources, and other services.

With a counselor’s help, students develop an Individual Success Plan (ISP) that addresses areas of student life and academic challenges, i.e., emotional/behavioral/physical health, living arrangements, and academic, domestic, legal, and social well-being. The Individual Success Plan (ISP) includes problem recognition, goals, achievement criteria, required tasks, and identification of the person responsible for each task. Students are seen by appointment or on a walk-in basis.

Student Support Services (SSS)

SSS provides personal and academic counseling. The counseling staff is committed to showing genuine care and concern, consistency, and availability to students as needed. Services include:

  1. Providing support to faculty and staff members performing academic advisement to ensure that satisfactory academic progress is maintained by the student.
  2. Assisting students in discovering their academic talents, skills, and needs by assessing and interpreting comprehensive test results.
  3. Being available to students encountering emotional difficulties, not only at the initiative of students and staff, but also being able to recognize when students may be going through a crisis, and therefore reaching out to them.
  4. Making referrals when appropriate or necessary.
  5. Providing ongoing, consistent and effective advisement/counseling to SSS students.
  6. Assisting students in selecting the appropriate courses to fulfill their educational requirements.
  7. Helping students to interpret the college’s academic policies and requirements.
  8. Helping students assess their skills as they pertain to their individual career interests and assisting students in reviewing and revising their own educational career paths. Have a look at this website if you are facing issues and addiction when playing casino online for real money.
  9. Monitoring class attendance and academic progress through the first two years.
  10. Providing counseling sessions with each student on a consistent basis and maintaining an accurate file for each SSS student with appropriate class schedules and phone numbers.