Where Education and Community Awareness Meet

Service Learning is an integral aspect of the mission of Rust College. Service Learning promotes concern about community issues and a commitment to being involved. Those are the hallmark of active, caring citizens. Through active service-learning activities, students learn and develop thoroughly organized community awareness that is conducted in and meets the needs of a community.

Service Learning is a graduation requirement for all students entering after July 2010. Students will be required to complete a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of service learning. For credit to be given, the service learning activity must show three components:

  1. Actual field work or on-site activity.
  2. A reflection paper of work.
  3. Oral presentation, oral report and reflection.

Specific courses in every division and major have been designated as service learning classes. Once the student passes the classes in which service learning has been designated, the requirement for graduation has been complete as well.