Deferred Payment

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Contract Details

Semester 1 (August-December)

Semester 2 (January-April)

Semester 3 (April-July)

Payment Options Call in payments to (662) 252-8000, Ext. 4026 or 4024 (You may use a debit or credit card.)

Consent Statement

I understand that I am responsible for all payments listed above. I understand that if I add a class that incurs extra costs after the execution of this contract, I will be required to pay for that class in full at the time of enrollment. I understand that if I drop a class that reduces my costs after the execution of this contract, that any refund will reduce only the final payment(s) due in the contract. I understand I will be responsible for a $75.00 administration fee if sufficient funds are not available to cover a check payment. I understand a $20.00 late payment charge will be added to my unpaid balance if the full payment is not received on or before the due date. I understand my account will be placed on hold with no schedule changes allowed without contacting the Cashier’s Office, or until my deferred payment contract obligations are met. I also understand that late payments may jeopardize my ability to utilize a payment plan in the future. I understand that if my payment is not received by the due date, I may be administratively withdrawn from my classes and I will owe for the classes. In the event of any default or failure on my part to meet the terms of this contract, I agree to pay any and all costs of collection, attorney fees, and court costs incurred by Rust College in the collection of the balance due on this account. Me submitting this form signifies that I have read, understood and hereby agree to this contract.