The policies and regulations of the College governing the possession, use of, distribution and manufacturing of prescribed or illicit drugs, alcohol and drug paraphernalia by students of Rust College and their guests or visitors to the College premises are herein contained.


The purpose of this policy is to implement the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations of the United States Department of Education, 34CFR Part 86, Sub Part II, and to prevent, identify, eliminate, drug/alcohol use and abuse that may impair effective and safe work or study performance. Rust College firmly believes that employees and students are able to perform more effectively when they do not use or abuse alcohol or illicit drugs.

The College’s Policy

Rust College prohibits the possession, use, distribution and manufacturing of alcohol or illicit and illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia by students of the College. This includes both on and off campus. Students who test positive for illegal drugs are in violation of the Rust College Code of Conduct. If the physician of a student of the College prescribes a controlled drug or substance, the student shall notify the College Nurse prior to reporting to campus by telephone and immediately upon reporting to residence hall, that such medication has been prescribed. The College, through its designated agent, shall make a determination as to whether said medication will affect the performance of the student and whether the student can continue to matriculate. Rust College shall distribute in writing to each student who is taking one or more classes for any type of academic credit except for continuing education units, regardless of the length of the student’s program of study, a copy of its Substance Abuse Policy.

Rust College will conduct as a minimum, a biannual review of its substance abuse policy to determine its effectiveness and implement changes to the program if they are needed and to ensure that the disciplinary sanctions prescribed are consistently enforced.

Rust College reserves the right to conduct alcohol/drug screenings or tests random violation is suspected. Students who refuse to be tested are subject to disciplinary actions.