Federal Funds Agreement Form

  • By submitting this form :

    • I certify that I give Rust College permission to apply all federal funds including work-study to my account to pay off balances created by me for college-related expenses for the current school year. I understand that I may rescind this agreement at any time in writing to the Business Office when payment arrangements have been made. I also understand that failure to meet my payment obligations with federal funds or other funds will result in my de-enrollment • I acknowledge that I do understand that if I do not apply my federal funds award to my account at registration that the award will be treated as cash due. I understand that a Deferred Payment Contract must be completed and that (1/4) of the cash due balance is due and expected at registration and I will be responsible for making all other payments when due. I also understand that I will be responsible for any collection cost that may occur from non-payment.
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