Honors Program Benefits

Academic distinction

The Honors designation on the student’s transcript shows graduate schools and employers that you have achieved academic success in rigorous classes.

Alternative Liberal Education Experience

The Honors core curriculum opportunities offer a unique learning experience that goes beyond the standard traditional classes in a series of specially designed seminars.

Sense of community

Because Honors students interact in groups together (e.g. Honors Club, Seminars, and in other academic and social settings) it helps to establish a sense of belonging to the college community.

Honors Benefits

Eligible students receive:

  • Priority registration
  • Seminar /study room access
  • Sessions with Rust College’s President
  • Enhanced opportunities for Conferences, Study Abroad, Internships, and Fellowships
  • Enriched learning experiences such as attendance at cultural events and other field studies; funding to attend and give papers at academic conferences;
  • a supplemental orientation session and a mentoring program;
  • special recognition opportunities ;
  • opportunities to participate in special meetings with distinguished visiting scholars and lecturers.

Graduate school preparation

Seminar-style classes, interdisciplinary approaches to academic subjects, and close interaction with faculty will result in strong research mentoring and effective letters of support to help better prepare students who wish to attend graduate school.