It is our aim not to do hot-house work, seeking to hurry students through a college curriculum…. sending them into the battle of life only to disgrace themselves and bring reproach upon the cause of education at large, but take them by far, to more difficult and tedious plans of trying to lay a foundation for a broad, thorough and practical education, such as shall fit our pupils for long lives of usefulness to themselves, their race and the Church.

This statement is from the early history of Rust College written by its first President, the Reverend A.C. McDonald. The statement remains the foundation of Rust College’s philosophy and purpose. However, what you will experience at the college today results from intentional response to the changes in American society, expectations for education, and the evolving needs of students. Throughout its history, Rust College had remained true to a philosophy of adapting to remain relevant.

At Rust College, education is understood as a deliberate attempt to help people develop to their highest potential. The college is convinced that everyone should have a thorough knowledge of what is called “Human Nature”. Knowledge of “Human Nature,” can be discovered by studying the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. These academic disciplines give insight into humans as multi-dimensional beings. A Rust education aims to give a pluralistic view of the world and life.

We feel that teaching, learning, and research should be based upon the interdisciplinary approach and method. All knowledge is connected. And nothing can be learned in isolation. The curriculum at Rust College is not just a sequence of separate courses or experiences. Because the society is constantly changing, the curriculum is reviewed and revised continually.

The philosophy at Rust College considers life and knowledge as essentially a rhythm and interplay between forces, ideas and principles. It is the role of human beings to use this interplay creatively and constructively. Rust College seeks to understand people and their possibilities, their beliefs, and their reality. The program at Rust College supports physical, social, intellectual and spiritual development. In short, the education offered at Rust College is based on the search for truth and meaning.