Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting our Rust College website. Whether you are a parent seeking options for your child, a student exploring possibilities, or part of an alumni group and working to stay connected to Rust, this site contains valuable information for you.

For those considering joining the Rust College Bearcat family, you will learn that Rust is a family oriented and student-centered environment. Students are our reason for existing and we are here to serve them and ensure they have an enriching educational experience at Rust. That education will include a strong classroom experience with our dedicated faculty, as well a diversity of fun and engaging extracurricular activities for students.

At Rust we believe that our students “enter to learn and depart to serve”, so we ensure that they have the tools to be productive members of society upon graduation. Our focus on the whole student, including mind, body and spirit, allows us to support students fully in their educational quest.

Our graduates include leaders across a variety of fields and the dedicated alumni are often engaged in making the campus a better place. Rust Alumni are committed to protecting and enhancing the legacy of their alma mater.

We hope that when the current pandemic is over that you will take the time to visit our picturesque campus located in Holly Springs, MS. In the meantime, I pray for your health and safety and look forward to meeting you in person.


Ivy R. Taylor


“By their fruits, ye shall know them.”