Dear Parents,

Finding the right school or university for your son or daughter to attend is not an easy task. At Rust College we believe we are the right fit for students who are serious about their future and who want to make a difference in the years to come. All of our programs are designed with students in mind and with a philosophy that will under-gird successful experiences. We challenge students who enroll at Rust to set goals and stay focused. We challenge students to know who they are and to be proud of who they are. It is our objective to nurture and bring out the very best in the young people who grace this campus.

We take pride in our small campus with its warm and friendly faculty and staff. We don’t just know students by name—we also know their families and where they come from. That is what makes Rust unique—it is what gives us that special touch.

Rust has many graduates who are traditional professionals such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, and preachers. We also have a significant number who have become politicians, computer programmers and technicians, accountants, research chemists, editors, and writers—and the list goes on.

You ask how does your son or daughter get there? At Rust, we provide your son or daughter with professors who are experts in their field and with the opportunity to participate in internships across the country. Also in the classroom, graduates return to share their accomplishments to help put your child on the road to achieving great things. We further enhance student experiences by encouraging them to take advantage of traveling and study abroad programs. It is a great way for students to see the world and explore new avenues of learning. We believe that these experiences combined with others make a successful student.

Making the choice to attend college is a big decision. Making the choice to attend Rust is a good decision. We invite you to join others at Rust “where tomorrow’s leaders are students today.”

David L. Beckley