Established in 1866, Rust College is an HBCU located in Holly Springs. In 2008, Rust College acquired the Historic Mississippi Industrial College campus located directly west of Rust College with intent to utilize the existing historic site for the Ida B Wells Interpretive Center to further enrich the education of Rust students, the community of Holly Springs and surrounding areas. Mississippi Industrial College was founded in 1905 and closed in 1982. There are four remaining buildings on site that are on the National Register of Historic Places and Mississippi Landmarks.

Rust College is requesting qualifications from architectural and engineering professionals to provide architectural services for Restoration and Stabilization of Washington Hall and Carnegie Auditorium on the former MIC campus.

Rust College desires to stabilize and restore Washington Hall and Carnegie Auditorium on the former MIC campus. This work is funded by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Economic Development Initiative (EDI) and National Parks Service. The buildings are in varying conditions of needed restoration.
Other funding sources may include local, state, and other federal funding. This stabilization / restoration scope of work will continue efforts for the buildings’ needs and strategies to make the necessary updates per funding allocation. Rust College intends for this scope of work to align with the MIC Master Plan
completed in 2021 with continue restoration of this historic HBCU campus.

Washington Hall:
Scope of work will include restoration efforts comprising of select demolition and stabilization within the confines of the budget. Attention to preservation per the Secretary of Interior Standards for Preservation and Rehabilitation, along with a working relationship with Mississippi Department of
Archives History, will be priority.

Carnegie Auditorium:
Scope of work will include continued restoration efforts and stabilization of the auditorium roof within the confines of the budget. Attention to preservation per the Secretary of Interior Standards for Preservation and Rehabilitation along with a working relationship with Mississippi Department of
Archives history will be priority.

The scope of services will include full architectural / engineering services from design, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration. Restoration and Preservation techniques should align with the National Parks Services Secretary of Interior Standards guidelines for Historic Structures.
Providing documented success in historic restoration / preservation, thorough and timely services, and accurate document production and construction administration will be considered in the evaluation of qualifications.

Rust College encourages women and minority-owned architecture and engineering firms to submit their qualification to this solicitation. The architectural team should have significant experience in historic restoration / preservation with project of similar program requirements. Rust College will select the
most qualified design professional as determined by its selection committee. Selection by Rust College shall be based on factors which may include, among others, the following:

A. Letter of Interest: Each submission must be accompanied by an individual letter stating interest and projected timeframe.
B. Narratives: Include narrative and any other documentation that will assist the selection committee in the evaluation of the Professional and any proposed consultants by the criteria noted above.
C. Staff: Include roles and resumes for staff involved in project.

A. Describe firm’s work experience as it relates to other colleges and/or universities similar to Rust College.
B. Identify and describe the proposed team’s experience providing professional services that are identical or similar to this project within the last five (5) years. List the project in order of priority, with the most relevant project listed first.
C. Provided references (for each project listed above, identify the following): The Owner’s name and their representative who served as day-to-day liaison. Rust College may contact these references during this qualification process.

A. Does your firm/organization or any of its officers currently have any judgements, claims, arbitration, or mediation proceedings pending or outstanding? If yes, please give pertinent details and outcomes.
B. Has your firm /organization, within the past seven (7) years, filed any lawsuits or requested arbitration or mediation proceedings regarding any of your construction projects? If yes, please give pertinent details and outcomes.

A. Provide examples of your proven track record in delivering professional historic restoration / preservation with specific references to Rust College’s proposed project. Include a narrative discussing the projects of this type and scale and your firm’s leadership in ensuring success to manage these challenges. Provide evidence of rehabilitation plans the firm has completed for historic academic buildings.
B. Describe your firm’s skill and experience in analyzing and developing comprehensive analysis and assessment of existing conditions; developing effective and creative alternatives is essential.
C. Describe your firm’s ability to establish budgets and control costs on past projects; producing tight, quality construction documents that minimize change orders and construction phase conflict.

This request for qualifications is not an offer to contract but seeks the submission of qualifications from qualified, professional respondents that may form the basis for negotiating an agreement. Rust College reserves the right to reject any or all qualifications and to solicit additional qualifications through the
RFQ process if that is determined to be in the best interest of Rust College.

Advertise: May 20, 2024 and May 31, 2024
RFQ Dute Date: June 14, 2024 @ 2:00 pm
Contract Award Date: June 21, 2024
Complete Work: 2025

Evaluation criteria for short list selection for this RFQ shall be as follows (100-point scale):
1. Past Performance: Firm has completed historic preservation / restoration work. (10 Points)
2. Project Vision: Professional has clear vision/strategy for project which complements vision of Rust College. (10 Points)
3. Project Team: General qualifications of Prime Professional and Consultant firms as wells as specific abilities of identified team members. (20 Points)
4. Relevant Experience: Experience of Project Team with projects of similar type, scale and or/complexity of subject project. (40 Points)
5. Quality Control: Project Team offers ability to produce budget control, quality construction documents to ensure proper execution of contract documents. (20 Points)

Interested professionals should submit their qualifications no later than 2:00 pm (CST) on June 14, 2024. Submit via email (to or hard copies (to the address below delivered by June 14, 2024) of the required qualification information to: 

Ms. Phyliss Spragin
Rust College
150 Rust Ave
Holly Springs, MS 38635
Questions and or information related to the delivery of qualifications shall be directed to Ms. Phyliss
Spragin at