In order to be assured of consideration for admission, the student should submit the following:

  1. A completed application for admission.
  2. An official transcript from the high school and/or college attended

Upon receipt of the completed application with required documents, the Admissions Committee will consider the application for admission and will notify the student of its decision.

Students who desire to live in the college dormitories must send a room reservation deposit of $50.00. New students should submit the fee upon notice of acceptance for admission. Continuing students are encouraged to submit the fee before July 15th for the Fall and November 15th for the Spring. All fees and deposits are to be sent to the Director of Admissions before the confirmation of admission can be finalized. In evaluating the student’s application for admission the Admissions Committee considers the following factors:

  1. Student academic performance at the high school and/or college previously attended.
  2. Transcripts–high school, and in case of transfer students, college or university transcript.