About the Advanced Placement Program

Rust College participates in the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB). This program begins in a high school when college level studies are offered to able, interested students. The College does not limit the number of credits an entering student may receive for courses the student has completed in this manner.

Advanced standing may be granted for course work completed at another college or university. The transcript submitted with the application will be evaluated to determine courses which are equivalent to courses offered by Rust College.

Also, advanced standing may be granted to students by examination. Each academic division determines examinations that my be used to receive credit. For details the student should consult with his or her faculty advisor. Students applying to Rust should consult the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

A student may take one course by examination for credit by from the approved courses, in any given module, but not more than four courses per year. The course may not be above the sophomore level. Credit by examination may not be taken for courses failed. A student may take a maximum of four courses credit-by-examination during his/her degree program. An allowable course may be attempted only once for credit by examination. Students will receive a pass or fail grade for the course credit.