How to Apply

  1. Apply and be accepted for admission to Rust College.
  2. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid: indicate Rust College’s code #002433 on the website at or the myStudentAid app.

Award Notification

When all required application information is submitted to the Financial Aid Office, the student’s file is reviewed and evaluated to determine eligibility for financial assistance. Students are notified of their financial aid awards by award letters. This notice informs students of the type and amount of their award. Request for revision of financial aid awards will be processed after all other students have been notified of their financial eligibility.

Satisfactory Academic Progress for Student Financial Aid

In order for a student to receive federal or state student financial aid, regulations require that he/she maintain academic progress toward an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. The following are the satisfactory academic progress standards for students seeking financial aid at Rust College. The satisfactory academic progress policy must include a qualitative and quantitative measure of the student’s progress. The qualitative measure must establish a minimum grade point average (GPA). The quantitative measure must establish a maximum time frame in credit hours for a student to complete his/her program and a minimum number of credits a student must satisfactorily complete each year. Below is a description of the qualitative and quantitative requirements of the Rust College Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.

Cumulative GPA Required

Hours Attempted (Including
Transfer Credits Accepted)
GPA Required
76 and above2.00