NOTE: Steps to Resolve Student Non-Academic Concerns (Refer to Student Handbook)

  1. Report to the Executive Director of Campus Life and Compliance
  2. If concern is not resolved, report to Vice President for Student Engagement and Enrollment Managment

NOTE: Steps to Resolve Academic Concerns:

  1. Student is to meet with faculty member.
  2. If concern is not resolved, student is to report concern to Division Dean
  3. Student and advisor report to the Vice President for Academic Affairs if matter is not resolved by Division Dean

NOTE: Steps to Resolve Employee Concern

  1. Employee concern about an employee, report to the area supervisor.
  2. Employee concern about a student, report to the Office for Student Engagement.

NOTE: Steps to Resolve Campus Visitor Concern

  1. Visitor is to report concern to the Human Resources Department

Complaint Form: