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  • Rust College’s property insurance is not designed to cover the personal effects of students (i.e. stereo and computer equipment, clothes, and other personal items). It is important that students understand that the purchase of property insurance for personal items is their responsibility. We recommend that you contact National Student Services, Inc. for information on student’s personal effects property insurance. NSSI offers affordable personal property coverage for purchase by students and will be pleased to provide coverage. They may be reached at 1-800-252-6774 or you may apply online at

    1. Rust College agrees to house the student named on this application and the student agrees to live in Rust College campus accommodations, a space for residential purposes only, in the residence halls located in Holly Springs, MS for an academic year or the remainder thereof, beginning when residence halls open for student residents according to the calendar published by the College. This agreement ends 24 hours after the student’s last final examination or on the last day the residence halls are open, whichever comes first. The residence halls will be closed and may not be occupied during Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations. Upon checking out of the residence hall, the student agrees to follow the checkout procedures as directed by the Residence Education Director and as provided in The Residence Life Handbook

    2. Keys to assigned rooms will be issued conditionally, based upon the ability of the student to complete registration prior to the final date. Persons who do not complete registration must move from campus housing within 24 hours of that date. A daily rate of $100 shall be billed for persons who do not complete registration.

    3. The College reserves the right to make room assignments and re-assignment as considered necessary. All rooms are designed for 2 persons (E.L. Rust, Wiff, Gross) or 4 persons (Davage-Smith, Emma Elzy). Residents are not permitted to allow any person who is not properly registered to stay in his/her room without the permission of the Residence Hall Director. Occupants are not allowed to have any animals/pets (dogs, cats, fish, etc.). The College may remove a student from the residence hall for a breach of this agreement or a violation of College policy. If for any reason, a student withdraws from the College or moves from the residence hall, the student will be charged for the time of occupancy.

    4. The student shall permit any authorized official(s) of the College to enter the student’s room at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspecting the room or for the purpose of enforcing reasonable rules and regulations ensuring the safety, welfare, and comfort of all students and that of the entire College community. The College reserves the right to conduct an unannounced room search at any time, with or without the student’s consent, if there is just cause for the search. Illegal items found during the inspection or search may be confiscated.

    5. The student shall use reasonable diligence in the care of his or her room and common areas of the residence hall. The student may not make any alterations to College property without the written consent of the Residence Hall Director or his or her designee. The student agrees to pay for damages caused to College property as a result of negligence, carelessness, accident or abuse. Payment is due upon demand. In common areas, if the identity of the person responsible for damages to College property cannot be determined after diligent investigation, the appropriate Residence Hall Director may prorate the cost of repair or replacement among all or any portion of the residents of the hall as he or she may deem fair. A STUDENT WHO


    6. The College shall not be liable for any damages or losses to person or property caused by other persons, theft, burglary, assault, vandalism or other crimes, fire, flood, water leaks, wind, rain, hail, ice, snow, smoke, explosions, interruptions of utilities, or other natural phenomena. The College strongly recommends that the student secure insurance to protect against loss from any of the above occurrences (National Student Services, Inc. The student agrees to hold blameless and indemnity the College for any claims of damages payable as a result of negligence on the part of the student.

    7. The student agrees to participate in the Wellness, Life skill, Health, Safety and Community Standards meeting, and residence hall fire and emergency evacuation drills.

    8. College housing reserves the right to assign applicants and students to available space and, in its sole discretion, change such assignment at any time. College housing also reserves the right to change an assignment or terminate the privilege of housing for anyone who: (1) in the opinion of the Dean of Student Affairs or his or her designee, has demonstrated behavior that significantly disrupts or poses a danger to the residence hall environment, or (2) has received such a sanction through the conduct process.

    9. Any and all property of the student which may be left on college property after the termination of this agreement may be handled, removed, or disposed of at the risk and expense of the student, and the College shall in no event be responsible for.

    10. The College may terminate this agreement if the student: (a.) fails to pay room and/or board or other charges when due; (b) fails to be enrolled in the College, or (c) fails to obey the terms of this agreement, including College policies.

    11. These conditions for room occupancy constitute the entire agreement between the student and the College. No oral agreements have been made. No amendments to this agreement are valid unless in writing and signed by both the student and the College.

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