Diamond Dewberry – Head Coach – 1st season

Gino Pierre – 1st season

Manager: Kayla Foster – 1st season

DManager: Javian Bogan – 1st season


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3Airrelle Porchia5-10SOOHSt. Louis, Missouri
4Michelene Coleman5-11FRMBGanado, Arizona
5Britney Johnson5-7FRRSMemphis, Tennessee
7Nykela Johnson5-5FRDSSt. Louis, Missouri
8Di’Nya Reed5-8FRRSBirmingham, Alabama
10Erissa Bland5-5FRDSMemphis, Tennessee
11Chrusia Wilks5-10FRRSMemphis, Tennessee
13Alandria Calhoun5-10FROHBirmingham, Alabama
14Dhamonique Sanders6-0SOMBTampa, Florida
15Tamya Renfro5-8JRS/RSBeaumont, Texas